The White Horse Theatre came to our school on 27 February 2018. It is a real English Theatre whose actors Kelly, Harry, Lisa and Ben are currently touring through Germany visiting different schools almost every day. In our school they performed the play ‘Two Gentlemen’ for Year 8 which is a changed version of the comedy originally written by William Shakespeare.

The amazing show was about Piers and Vincent who used to be best friends. They both go to a boarding school and fall in love with Silvia, the headmaster’s daughter. Of course this is a heartbreaking situation for Julia, Piers’ girlfriend, who breaks up with him when she gets to know about this. In the end Vincent and Silvia are a couple, the two girls have become best friends and only Piers is alone because of his mean behaviour.

We found this performance fantastic and very interesting because it was played in a very modern way and it was great to hear and learn a little bit more English. At the end of the show there was a round of questions and we asked the actors what we would like to know about them personally and the White Horse Theatre in general. All in all we absolutely enjoyed it!

Andra Borchard & Joshua Just (8B)



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