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White Horse Theatre reloaded!

Having White Horse Theatre back again after several years made us very happy and all the pupils of year 6 and 8 seemed to have had fun. 

It was a great pleasure and enjoyment!

Carola Kreiser und Susanne Wappler

The Dark Lord and the White Witch at the Gymnasium Langenhagen

On Friday, 23th February 2024, the 6th grader watched White Horse Theater's play "The Dark Lord and the White Witch" in the hall of the Gymnasium Langenhagen.

The stage in the hall changed into a forest. In the land of Underearth the evil Lord Morbus was trying to become king and to fill the land with woks, his horrible servants which like to eat people. The only person who could stop him was a queen who is completely good. That was Gala, winner at the daisy chain festival in the village of Little Sodding and daisy-chain-queen for one year. She had to go on a long journey full of adventures to Lord Morbus' castle where she was crowned as queen of Underearth in the end.

The play was very exciting but also funny. Especially when Dilly, one of the characters, interrupted and imitated another character or when the cave on stage couldn't close anymore all students laughed. After the play the students could ask some questions. They found out that all actors are native speakers from the UK and that they are between 20 and 30 years old. The actress who played Gala for example is 22 and from England, the White Witch Ginhilda's real name is Daisy, she is 30 years old and from London. The actors practised 5 weeks, 6 days a week, about 90 hours for the play. Many students also took photos with the actors and asked for autographs before they went back to their classrooms.

The 6e spoke with their English teacher Mrs. Prahl about the play. The students were all very happy that they understood everything and wished to watch another play soon.

Charlotte de Boer, 6e

Report “White Horse Theatre” by Isabella Voß - 25th February 2024

On 23rd February the White Horse Theatre visited us at our school. They performed a play called “The dark Lord and the white Witch“. Our class watched the show from 8:15 a.m. to 9:40 a.m.. The actors practised 90 hours for it. They are from England, but they all live in Germany. In the end, they answered questions for us.

Gala´s dangerous adventure in Underearth

The story played in the country Underearth where the dark Lord wants to take control. In the country live people eating monsters named woks too. A young girl named Gala has to save the world.

Ginhilda, the white witch, told her that only a queen with a good heart could defeat the dark Lord. In the village Little Sodding was the daisy chain festival and the winner becomes daisy chain king or queen for one year. For winning the competition you have to create the best daisy chain. The judge is the giant Blundersquelch.

Gala and her friends Wally and Dilly entered the competition. Gala won and she became the daisy chain queen. Because Gala had a good heart too she started her adventure. In the forest she came across the woks. It was very dangerous but Slightly appeared, saved Gala and went with her together.

They had to go through the Magotty Mountains where they looked for a place to sleep. They found a cave and because the were very tired they fell asleep quickly. On the next morning they found out that it was Gloop´s cave and Gloop woke them up. Gala and Slightly told him that they had to find Lord Morbus. Gloop asked if they were followers of the dark Lord because he stole Gloop´s firelighter. Slightly answered that he isn´t a follower of the dark Lord but it was obvious that he lied. Gloop said that he knows a way to the castle of Lord Morbus but it was a long way. Slightly replied that there is a shorter way through the swamp of Quellybutt but it is a bit dangerous. Gloop said to Gala that she shouldn´t trust Slightly but she wanted to go with Slightly. So they went through the swamp where woks took Gloop with them. In the end Gala arrived at the castle alone because Slightly was away. Suddenly the dark Lord appeared and took off his mask. It was Slightly!!!

Gala had a mirror in her pocket and held the mirror to Lord Morbus and he died because he saw his ugly face in the mirror. Gala found the firelighter of Gloop and Wally, Dilly and Ginhilda came to celebrate the Lord´s death.


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